The philosophy of our law firm is oriented to offer professional services of total assistance, and it is configured through a mission, vision, and values.


We have the mission of offering solutions to the people who seek the help of professionals with proven experience and dedciation. Considering a must offering a tangible added value to our clients, which implies a very close and personal relation to each of them.


We strive to offer a multidisciplinary service to offer help to our clients in any law topic they need

We believe in the advice, in investment, not only offering law services but also complete solutions.


We proactively encourage the formation and professional growth of our team to offer better services to our clients, striving to find the adequate solutions in any moment and situation.

We work withe empathy, trying to have an active role in our clients problems, offering solutions and trying at every moment to stand by them.

Picture of Josep Singla Sangrà
Barrister and Founding partner

Josep Singla Sangrà

Founding partner of the Singla Advocats Law firm is a lawyer since 1983, graduated from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He has a long professional experience in business managementand administration, mainly in food distribution sector and automotive sector.
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Picture of Alba Corbella Tovar

Alba Corbella Tovar

She holds a Law Degree from Universitat Rovira i Virgili in 2013. Starts her professional career in 2019, after qualifying as a lawyer, becoming a member of the Il·lustre Col·legi de l’Advocacia de Tarragona, and currently practicing as a barrister in the following areas of expertise: commercial law, civil law, familiar law, labour law and criminal law.
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Picture of Ana Pacheco Rodríguez

Ana Pacheco Rodríguez

Ana Pacheco Rodríguez holds a Law Degree from UNED since 2007 and she is the president of the Association “Do de pit” from Tarragona. Author of the book: “Manual of breastfeeding: from theory to practise”. Ed. Panamericana. Madrid 2008. Partner in the development of the amendments of the Catalan Famiy Civil Code, as a member of the National Board of Women in Catalonia. Speaker of many conferences about: “The rights of the working women”. Member of the National Board of Women in Catalonia. Member of the Municipal Council of Women of Tarragona City Council or Town Hall
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Picture of Gemma Vilamala

Gemma Vilamala

Gemma Vilamala got a Law Degree from Universitat Abat Oliba in Barcelona in 1997. After that, she studied the IX Company Lawyers Course at the Institut d’Estudis Superiors Abat Oliba in Barcelona from 1997 to 1998. Gemma Vilamala has more than 20 years of professional experience, she qualified as a laywer in 1998 in Vic, where she practised law since 2014. In 2014 she moved to Tarragona, becoming the member 2741 of the Il·lustre Col·legi de l’Advocacia de Tarragona.
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