Temporary labour force adjustment plan (known as ERTE ins Spain or ERTO in Catalonia)

Due to COVID-19 worldwide situation we are experiencing, more and more companies and entrepreneurs are forced to process a temporary labour force adjustment plan.

A temporary labour force adjustment plan, known in Spain as ERTE, or in Catalonia as ERTO, is anoption companies and entrepreneurs with employees have in specific situations, such as the one we are involved in, through which they can suspend the employment contract or reduce the workday of their workers for a certain time. It should be noted that the employment relationship is not terminated, but rather it is suspended or reduced until the cause that motivated this decision disappears.

This plan has to be duly justified, either economic, technical, organizational, production causes, or force majeure causes, as it is the state of alert ordered by the Spanish government by the Royal Decree-law 8/2020, of extraordinary measures to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19.

How is it processed? What is the option that fits my corporate needs? Do I have to do something, asa worker?

Singla Advocats wants to contribute with out expertise to advise and conduct you through this procedure and paperwork.

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