There have been many important court decisions that have secured an improvement in the consumer protection field in the last years, especially in terms of mortgage loans contract terms.

If you are holder of a mortgage loan, it is highly probable that the contract you signed contains unfair terms judicially claimable and that you are overpaying.

At Singla Advocats, we study your situation, review the content of the mortgage loan contract and we proceed to claim extrajudicially or, eventually, to claim judicially the amount you overpaid and request the nullity of the unfair terms.

The main unfair terms that your contract may content are:

  • “ground/floor clauses”
  • Reference rate know as IRPH considered abusive by courts.
  • The payment of all the formation expenses by the consumer or user.
  • Prepayment penalty clause/ clause on early expiration

You can also ask about vulture funds, preferential shares claim, revolving cards or other doubts you may have.